"Brain death"
A lie destined to die


    Owing to the evidence mentioned above which includes; the controversial nature of the concepts and criteria defining brain death, the difficulty in interpreting the tests in the absence of available experts(60) the shortness of time available for excluding reversible conditions of brain death and the loose protocols deliberately set as such to meet the scarcity of available organs.. owing to all the above it could be presumed that the majority of cases diagnosed as irremediable brainstem death do not match the strict criteria of brainstem death i.e. they are curable.

At the end, it is evident that there are two diverse entities based on two different concepts that cannot be reconciled namely :

-   Classical death  which conforms with sonna and based on the fact that death is the departure of the soul from the body verified unmistakably by putrefaction (A person is classified as "dying" until the sure signs of death appear).

-   Brainstem death  which rests on shakable grounds assuming death to be "a state in which there is irreversible loss of the capacity for consciousness combined with irreversible loss of the capacity to breathe spontaneously".

It thus remains for every one of us to choose what he believes is right.

Finally it has to be remembered that life is a donation from God. He who created life informs us that life  is the function of the soul. The soul initiates and maintains life. It supplies the body with the "warmth of life". This warmth is a unique feature which discriminates between a living body and a corpse. The soul preserves the body from decay and  putrefaction(64)The soul in the human body is not "confined to one organ or one system. It's a feature  which characterizes every single cell in the body and preserves its integrity and function. It  is this feature which is sought by organ harvesters, when they rush to retrieve "viable organs" from brainstem victims before "real death" sets in. Sarcastically, this same feature of  ‘ cellular life ‘is the one which is always overlooked by supporters of the concept of brain death when they state that "the declaration of death doesn't necessarily have to wait until biological death is assured"(5).


Parliaments and legislative assemblies easily passed harvest legislation with little organized objection because few understand the processes except  the  advertised idea of dead bodies being used to save beautiful peoples ‘ lives.

But the reality is slowly  sinking  in . It began when nurses and doctors, after observing the  reduced care for donor candidates, began privately  advising their friends to avoid signing donor cards. Then some high level surgeons and specialists withdrew in disgust positions involving transplant  procedures .